Hey friend, thanks for visiting the webpage of Melbourne’s premiere 4-piece acoustic party-emo band, we can’t wait to make your acquaintance. Below are the top-10 facts about our band.

 1. Almost all of the band live in Melbourne’s north.
 2. Fiddle player, Hannah Morrell, comes up from Hobart.
 3. Debut full-length album, Amateur Art, comes out 13/11/20.
 4. Quinton & Hannah released 4 eps before Ty joined the band on drums.
 5. 150 gigs have been played and we hope to play at least 150 more.
 6. We have made music videos for Marathon, Warm Beer & Servo Sunsets.
 7. Although the instrumentation is somewhat folk punk, the songs, their lyrics,
    tunings and techniques are much more aligned with emo.
 8. Quinton’s writing style can be described as catchy, fun, joyous, exciting,
    passionate, intimate, engaging.
 9. Ffo: Jeff Rosenstock, Nana Grizol, Jens Lekman.
 10. Fav bands are Zen Haircuts, Carb on Carb & Foley.

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