September 25th 2020

Hey friends. Melbourne remains in lockdown. In the two months since my last post here, I’ve moved house, released two new songs and a bunch of videos, had mousepads and new stickers made, sent the album off for mastering, read a couple of books, given myself a few stick & pokes and written a bunch of new songs.

I’m more than happy to post you some stickers for a dollar or two. Just email or paypal me at and I will get them out to you. I have a couple designs and also have patches and badges, hit me up for what you want with whatever you wanna pay. :)

Here’s the links to a bunch of the videos I’ve put out lately. I’m really proud of the Marathon video and the warm beer video. With live gigs off of the cards, youtube is where it's at for the music industry currently, so i’m hoping to keep releasing great videos constantly. Check out the extended cut of the marathon clip, it features a skit beforehand and heaps of fun footage.

Marathon vid announcement-
Marathon music video-
Marathon- extended cut-
Warm Beer promo cooking parody-
Warm beer Music video-

So some friends on the other side of Melbourne’s north had a room open up and I jumped at the chance to jump ship. I packed up all my belongings into a pile, moved that pile into my van and drove it over to what has been the most welcoming, comfortable and cosy house ever.

I really like the new house, my bedroom and the backyard. I spend my mornings reading in the sunshine with the two cats who live here, Boris & Percy. I’ve got my recording gear setup in my bedroom and have filmed a few cover videos for youtube. My housemates are lovely and one of them, Jude, is also a songwriter. You can check out his stuff here-

Not being able to fly down to Tasmania to record Hannah had brought the progress of completing the album to a halt, but since then Hannah bought herself a home recording setup and with the help of our friend Teresa she recorded all her parts for the new songs. The songs have been mixed by my friend Lachy Bruce at Spare Second Recording in Adelaide and mastered by my friend Sean Bell.

I am excited that our song, Servo Sunsets, will be coming out in just two weeks. This song was our set opener at the few shows me played before lockdown and its track #1 on the album. I know i go on about trying to get pre-saves and playlisted, but I’m pretty fearful of these releases going totally unnoticed unless we get the spotify algorithm to place these tracks at the cool kids table by having a bunch of us chuck them in playlists with other fun stuff we listen to. Presave and playlist here-

I am excited that our song, Servo Sunsets, will be coming So our debut full length album, Amateur art, comes out in 7 weeks, on Friday November 13th, my 29th birthday. It’s 11 tracks and I’m really proud of the whole thing. They’re all new songs and feature Ty on Drums, Hannah on fiddle, Matt on double bass, Xiao on Cello, Fran on trumpet and backing vocals from Vetty, Keiran, Tom, Jude, Ali and Brody. Here's a photo of drummer, Ty, on a bike ride a couple weeks ago.

I am excited that our song, Servo Sunsets, will be coming I miss gigs. Venues are gonna have a very slow and gradual return to normalcy, and even house visitor numbers will be restricted, but outdoor gatherings will be the first thing to return. And so I figure it might be a bright idea to adapt to what is available and think about putting on outdoor guerilla gigs with a PA/generator setup in discrete public places like under overpasses and in empty lots in industrial areas. This will be at a time once its responsible to do so and all the precautions of keeping apart and wearing masks will be adhered to, but i see this as a viable option in a future where you cant have more than ten visitors at yours house or in a venue, but groups of twenty or more are allowed to get together outdoors for picnics.

July 25th 2020

I’m sat in the sunshine on the front porch of my Brunswick sharehouse, squinting at my own reflection in the glare on my laptops screen while I listen to another Covid-19 update live-steam. My hair is unruly and the longest it’s been since high school, but no friends will be seeing me any time soon and this beanie is likely to be a permanent fixture atop my head for the entirety of these long cold melbourne winter months.

My name is Quinton Trembath, I am 28 years old and have been living in Melbourne the past few years, having moved here in 2017 from northern NSW to make new friends, play shows and start a band. It took me until late last year to find a drummer, but since then we have been busy writing and recording and are hoping to have our album out by the end of this year.

I spent a majority of last year living in Hobart attempting to start a band with a few friends, but progression was slow and it didn’t come together how I’d hoped. When I got back to Melbourne I house-sat a Footscray apartment for my friend Amelia while she was off hiking in Kyrgyzstan. I put another half arsed plea out into the facebook void in hopes of manifesting the ever-elusive dream of a Melbourne drummer.

My friend Ella and I bought a small plastic adhesive “Toilet” sign from the Footscray Market and walked up the Maribyrnong river towards Williamstown looking for a good spot for our prank. After finding the perfect spot for the sign on the wooden door to a small cement room at the start of a Williamstown wharf, we celebrated with 2-for-1 cocktails at a swanky pizza place on the main strip. I got some amaretto-almond-marzipan old fashioned whiskey bullshit thing and Ella had something fruity. The sun was shining and I was in an excellent mood that greatly improved after checking my phone and seeing that I’d had a bite from a melbourne drummer on my facebook post. It took me a moment to realise where I had this online friend from but it dawned on me that he was the stranger I had drunkenly and excitedly hugged and sung along with in the front row of a Purplene reunion show at the old bar a year or so prior.

The very next day I excitedly drove over from Footscray to Brunswick with my guitar to make some loud noise in Ty’s front room. Ty absolutely killed it from the get go. “I’ve been playing in bands for a very long time” he told me in response to my amazement that he was able to just blast through each song perfectly the first time, having only briefly heard the shoddy demos I’d slung him the night before. The excitement and volume gave the songs some really good energy and we bounced back and forth ideas, refining tiny specific details about each n every part of each song. “So what’s ya plan for this?” Ty asked and I told him that I wanted us to play a set at Not Fest 7 in just two months time. We’d need to learn eight songs in eight weeks. I’d catch the #6 tram to Ty’s with my guitar case on my back at 6pm every Tuesday and we’d introduce n refine a new song each week. We drank a lot of rivet gold but got it done. The gig was an absolute blast and you can see a great video of it here (put together by Sam van Munnen)-

So I got to doing what I like doing best, making plans. We played a fantastic show in Adelaide together with Vetty Vials, Lachy Bruce and Mount defiance. We played a show at 303 with Apprehensive and a cherry bar show with my favourite band, Zen Haircuts, followed by a silly afternoon show with UBLW at Tramway. Then covid happened and gigs stopped. People discussed which gigs may or may not still go ahead, and slowly but surely it dawned on us that all gigs were off for the foreseeable future. I had four gigs booked that I was really looking forward to; 303 w/ PBCB’s & suicide tuesdays, a backyard house-show with Bec Stevens & two Tas shows with Turn South.

With lockdown looming, Ty rightly suggested “if we are going to record these songs together then we need to do it asap” and so one hungover morning he picked me up from my house and we drove to a home studio in Preston to record the drums for the first five tracks for the album, Ty playing over the parts that Hannah and I had already recorded previously. A few new songs were written in lockdown but due to Tasmanian border restrictions I haven’t been able to get down to record Hannah’s parts.. We are now trying to get it done via distance but it really isn’t our preferred way of working, as we often spend time jamming the new songs together getting excited as we bounce ideas for parts, and that's hard to do when you’re not in the same room together with instruments.

The day before everything totally went to shitshow lockdown here in Melbourne, some friends and I got together on the top of Footscray Hill to film a music video for Marathon. We all dressed up in sports clothes, shot it on old 90’s mini-DV camcorders and had a lot of fun. Sam van Munnen was the real hero of the day, not only taking control of all the camera work but directing us all and coming up with a great list of shots that he nailed. I can’t imagine how we would have gotten it done without his help. I’m also really stoked on the help from friends who came along and spent all day filming with us. I hope we can film more videos when this is over. Here is a teaser that gives some context to the music video that will be coming out soon-

I had hoped to drop the album in the first half of this year and spend the second have going travelling overseas. I’ve been putting off travelling throughout all my 20s due to wanting to have achieved some of these music goals (like starting a band and putting out an album) first. Now that everything was getting done and in place, there was nothing to stop me. I was scoping out big walks that I could do in the UK, making a list of countries that I’d like to visit and spend time in around Europe, and imagining spending a few months in America making friends and music, playing each and every little show I could and going to Fest. This would be my year of “dipping a toe in” to see if I really enjoyed overseas travel, as I was 99% complete with the process of getting approved for a 2 year working visa to live in Canada for a while. The cut-off age for most working visa is 30yo and I was freaking about how close I was cutting it to that deadline. I had the money saved up, all the time in the world and an incredible amount of excitement for all the overseas ideas i had planned. But obviously it wasn’t to be and now who knows what the world will be like in the future.

So instead I’ve spent the past five months at my desk attempting to keep warm with endless french press coffee and an oil heater tucked away by my legs. I look out my bedroom window at the endless grey Melbourne winter and journal about the same shit each morning, hoping that I can go down to Tas and play shows again soon enough. I’ve been working on the music videos and writing a few new songs, though as someone who mostly writes about the excitement of good times with friends, there is absolutely nothing good to be writing songs about, so i have a lot more riffs than lyrics. I thought I would get into drawing and I did for a week or two. I bought some mechanical pencils from kmart and did a still-life sketch of everything in my room worth drawing. I scanned the drawings, printed them out into a zine and spent a sunny day riding around the west hand delivering them to all my friends' post boxes, but I have not drawn anything since then. Maybe i’ll do an issue #2 with this new lockdown. Hit me up if you would like a copy of the zine. Postage is less than $2, so just paypal me loose change at and include your address in the description. It's a cool zine.

I've been trying to do songwriting for an hour each day and to go for a 1hr bike ride each day. I do a 17km loop up to Coburg, across to Preston, down st George's road to Fitzroy, back across to Brunswick and back up Sydney road to my place. The way i route it means that a majority of the ride feels down hill, and that kinda feels like cheating, but when there isn't much else to do, soaring down the slight decline from Preston to Fitzroy as fast as my bike will take me is a pleasure that I am more than happy to gift myself.

You can hear Marathon now on bandcamp and Unearthed. It will be on Spotify from the 31st of July and the music video should come out a bit after that. My friends Travis & Beniah wrote some kind words about it on their blog- Please have a listen and let me know what you think. Leave a review on Unearthed and hit the pre-save on spotify so that its in your library when it releases. Doing that will help with the algorithm I think, getting the song to show up in people’s “release radar” and “daily mix” playlists. Thanks so much for checking out my website and getting to the end of this blog post. I hope to update it as often as I have interesting things to tell you. I’m hoping that once this pandemic settles down then the band can really get stuck in to making some cool things happen and I can take everyone along for the ride via photos and written word here.